Wax Jambu



With more than 100 varieties of Red Wax Jambu trees, defining characteristics across all include rapid growth as well as production of fruit with a red, waxy skin and crisp, white flesh. Visually appealing in any landscape design, the Red Wax Jambu also offers an abundance of sweet, crunchy and refreshing natural treats on a hot summer day.


This fast-growing tree bears attractive pink pear-shaped fruit with a waxy-skinned, crunchy fruit. The Pink Wax Jambu performs ideally in full sun, and is resilient to a variety of soil types. When watered regularly, the Pink Wax Jambu is a high-yield performer.




A rare variety, the Green Wax Jambu produces a pear-shaped fruit with a puckered bottom, waxy skin and center seed cushioned by a puffy inner mesh. Its crisp, juicy flesh and subtle taste make it a refreshing, healthful snack. Typically, the paler the outside of a Green Wax Jambu fruit, the sweeter its taste.