If you have any questions, please check below as they may have already been answered! If not, feel free to give us a call or email us!


Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in North San Diego County in a city called Vista, California.

Q: How do I order my trees?
A: We highly recommend that all our customers visit the nursery to personally pick out their preferred tree. But we can reserve a type of tree for you over the phone, with full payment. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Q: Do you ship your trees?
A: No. We've found our trees fair better when picked up or delivered. We recommend every customer visit the nursery and personally pick out their tree. If you are in the Southern California area however, we do offer a delivery service. We deliver to the Los Angeles area for between $350 and $550. We deliver to San Diego County and Orange County for between $175-$350. And we deliver locally for between $85 and $150. The price is dependent on the number of large trees being delivered. There is also a 10 tree minimum for all non-local deliveries. Many times we can combine deliveries and save you money in the process. So please contact us if interested in delivery and we can see what other orders we have going out.

Q: When can I stop by the Nursery? Do I need to make an appointment?
A: No appointments necessary — just stop by between 9am and 4pm! Feel free to email us anytime with pricing or tree specific questions at info@tropicalfruittrees.com or through our contact page.

Q: How do I get to your nursery?
A: When you are ready to visit our nursery plug in our address 2081 Elevado Road, Vista, CA 92084 into your GPS.

Q: Does everyone get Wholesale Pricing? 
A: Of course! We commonly sell to landscapers, contractors, and developers. Homeowners working with their contractors are welcome to view our inventory in person, as we are happy to help with recommendations for your project.

Q: Do you sell soil or other gardening tools?
A: We do not sell soil, but we do sell plastic pots. We are not a retail nursery, that's why we can continue to offer wholesale pricing to all our customers. We only specialize in large tropical fruit trees, both exotic and common. We stay focused so you save money.

  • 5 gal - $5

  • 15 gal - $10

  • 25 gal - $20

  • 45 gal - $35

  • 65 gal - $50

Q: Can you recommend a good landscaper? 
A: No, sorry. We only grow the trees.

Q: I have a contractor's license. How do I get a contractor's price?
A: Everyone receives the same price since we’re already at wholesale prices.

Q: What sizes of trees do you offer?
A: Most trees start in a 15 gallon size, but a few are available in a 5 gallon size. Please contact us for exact specifications. Other sizes we offer: 25 gallon, 45 gallon, 65 gallon & other larger specimens.

Q: When will my fruit tree produce fruit? 
A: Once your tree has been planted on your property it will need the first year to establish its root system and probably will not produce any fruit. The second and third year the tree will become strong enough to begin fruiting. There are certainly exceptions. There are fruit trees that will have fruit on them in many of the sizes we offer.

Q: What is the ideal climate for your trees?
A: Our inventory will grow well throughout the Southern California climate and in temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 110 degrees. Also, parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada are possibly conducive to growing some of our trees. Please inquire for more information.

Q: I live in Southern California and I'd like trees delivered. How do I go about setting that up?
A: To schedule a delivery please contact us directly at (760) 434-5085. We have a 10 tree minimum for all deliveries outside the area immediately surrounding Vista. But if you would like to order less than 10 trees for delivery, please contact us as we can often combine deliveries. Deliveries to LA are between $350 and $550, and to Orange County and the rest of San Diego County the price is $175-$350, depending on the number of trees being delivered.

Q: When will you get more trees? 
A: We are a wholesale nursery growing trees throughout the year. If you're looking for something specific that isn't quite big enough yet, feel free to leave us your name and number and we can contact you when you're desired tree is ready for sale.

Q: Do you have more than one location? Possibly near L.A.? 
A: No. Not at this time.