Fresh longan fruit available end of November!

California Tropical Fruit Tree Nursery will have fresh longan fruit available, beginning the end of November. They are available for $5/pound with a 10 pound minimum purchase.

Unfamiliar with longan fruit? It is cousin to the lychee, rambutan, guarana, korlan, pitomba, genip and ackee and is native to Southern Asia. The fully ripened, freshly harvested fruit has a bark-like shell, thin, and firm, making the fruit easy to peel by squeezing the pulp out. The fruit is sweet and juicy, and can be eaten raw. Similarly, longan fruit may also be used in Asian soups, snacks, desserts, and and sometimes preserved and canned in syrup. If you are familiar with lychees, longan have a drier sweetness that can be compared to dates, unlike the sour-sweetness found in lychees.

Need inspiration? Here are some popular longan recipes to get you started!

Citrus in Southern California: AFFECTED

Alert:  Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing


The Asian Citrus Psyllid (a tiny insect smaller than a rice grain) feeds on citrus leaves and stems, and infects them with a bacteria that causes citrus greening disease, Huanglongbing, also known as HLB.  HLB is a serious and fatal disease for citrus trees (it is not harmful to humans).

We are one of the few remaining tree growers in California with large, mature, beautiful and healthy citrus.  Some California tree growers and nurseries have been forced to dig up and kill their citrus due to HLB; we have not.  We are under a preemptive spray regimen, and we are currently allowed to sell and/or bring the trees into your area.


This will be one of your last chances to acquire mature citrus.  Please reach out to your clients and call us for inventory and prices.

Oranges in tree