Desert Gold

A highly adaptable tree that is ideal for larger-scale residential landscaping, the Desert Gold Peach requires 20 to 25 feet of spread when full-grown. Ripening in mid-May, its yellow clingstone fruit has a surprisingly sweet flavor for ripening so early.


“EZ Pick” Donut Star Saturn

Our Saturn / Donut peaches now in the EZ-Pick variety!



Honey Babe Miniature

The Honey Babe Miniature Peach is an ideal choice for smaller outdoor spaces and when a low-maintenance tree is desired. Its fruit is superbly succulent and sweet, and is ripe for picking annually in July.


Santa Barbara

Requiring 200 chill hours per year, the Santa Barbara Peach tree yields fruit with excellent flavor that is a cross between a sweet and full-flavored acidic variety.




The fruit of the Saturn Peach tree has a blushed yellow skin that is typically less fuzzy than other varieties. Generally harvested in late spring through the end of summer, fruit of the Saturn Peach is also sweeter than most other varieties, and has a flavor with a hint of almond.


Bonanza Miniature

This peach tree will only reach 5 - 6 ft at full maturity, making it a perfect candidate for smaller yards and can even be grown as a potted tree. In addition to their abundant, full-sized fruit, these trees are also appreciated for their large lush leaves, and are many times grown as an ornamental plant.



Babcock Giant



The semi-dwarf Erligrande Peach tree works well in limited outdoor spaces, and yields fruit with an appealing aroma that is best eaten directly after it is picked.



Peachy Keen

The Peachy Keen will bear abundant fruit even at an early age. The fruit has great flavor with yellow flesh, that is red at the pit. You won’t be disappointed with any of your favorite ice-cream, pie, cobbler, or jam recipes using this delicious fruit.


2-in-1 Nectar Babe/Pix Zee

This delightful grafted hybrid grows both the sweet, rich and delicious Nectar Babe Nectarine and the lovely firm yet mouthwatering Pix Zee Peach fruits. Both varieties mature and are ready for picking in mid to late July.


3-in-1 Warm Climate


4-in-1 Fruit Salad

This truly special grafted tree yields an array of stone fruits from a single trunk. The 4-in-1 Fruit Salad specifically produces Peach, Apricot, Plum and Nectarine, all of which mature and are ripe for picking in mid-summer.