EZ-Pick Snow Queen White

This EZ-Pick variety of Snow Queen Nectarines means you get to enjoy one of the most adaptable fruit trees for home gardens in a manageable, easy-to-enjoy size. Sweet and juicy and will grow to only 4-7 ft tall.

Southern Belle Dwarf

The Southern Belle Dwarf Nectarine tree grows no larger than 5 feet in height, making it a perfect choice for smaller yards and landscaping areas. The tree produces fruit with a lovely blush-colored skin and yellow flesh. In spring it becomes covered in beautiful, fragrant dark pink blossoms.



Sun Red

Bright red skin with a firm, yellow flesh that is sweet. A long-time favorite of the South, heavy pruning is needed to encourage new growth and to maintain its size. Peak productivity is reached at 8 to 12 years old.

Nectar Babe Miniature

You can expect full-sized, attractive, tasty fruit from the heavy-bearing, dwarfed Nectar Babe Miniature tree, which reaches only 5 to 6 feet. The tree produces mid-season yellow freestone fruit with sweet, rich, delicious flavor. The Nectar Babe tree also gives a spectacular spring flower display, with branches that are completely covered with bright pink blossoms.



This delightful grafted hybrid grows both the sweet, rich and delicious Nectar Babe Nectarine and the lovely firm yet mouthwatering Pix Zee Peach fruits. Both varieties mature and are ready for picking in mid to late July.


The Panamint Nectarine is a semi-dwarf tree that produces an aromatic, medium-sized fruit with a rich red skin and golden flesh that is known for its excellent and balanced sweet/acidic flavor. Ripening in early to mid-July, the tree’s fruit yield can be quite plentiful.