A member of the Rosaceae species of flowering plants, the Loquat is native to cooler geographical regions in China, where it can still be found growing wild.

The evergreen Loquat tree is grown commercially for its yellow fruit, as well as cultivated for its ornamental properties. Loquat flowers appear in the late fall to early winter, and its fruits ripen anytime from early spring to early summer.

Loquat fruit is round to pear-shaped, grows in clusters and has an edible yellow, orange or blushed skin. It is sweetest when soft and orange in color, with a hybrid mango-peach-citrus flavor.



Gold Nugget

A popular, late-season variety, the Gold Nugget Loquat is also self-fertile and a vigorous grower, bearing abundant yield in spring. Its medium-sized orange fruit is sweet and juicy, with a taste resembling that of an apricot.

Vista White

The fruit of the Vista White Loquat is round and small to medium in size. Extremely sweet and high in sugar content, Vista White Loquat fruit ripens in late April and early May.