Black Mission

Arguably the best all-around performer in Coastal Southern California, the Black Mission Fig tree produces densely flavorful fruit that is easily dried at home for a great-tasting snack.


The Excel Fig tree, created by Bill Storey in 1975, yields vigorous medium-sized, yellow fruit that performs well in Southern California. With an amber pulp, the Excel Fig’s fruit is sweet and richer in flavor than other varieties.


long verte fig

Long Verde

The Verte Fig tree’s fruit, also known as the “Strawberry Fig” for its bright red center, is difficult to identify as ripe, due to its skin remaining green throughout maturation.



Producing a fruit known as the “Striped Tiger,” the Panache Fig tree requires a long, warm growing season. Its fruit is not only colorful, but particularly sweet and has an excellent flavor.




The Pasquale Fig tree, also referred to as the “Vernino,” is the latest fruiting of all varieties, and produces a small purple fruit with a reddish-strawberry pulp that ripens in December and January. Sweet and rich, its fruit is also delicate and susceptible to frost damage.



The Tena Fig tree is ideally grown in dry, hot weather, and its fruit is light green with an amber to pale pink pulp.



Peter’s Honey

Discovered in Sicily, the Peter’s Honey Fig tree yields medium-sized, light yellow-greenish fruit with a fantastically sweet, dark amber pulp. When totally ripe, which usually occurs in May, the fruit secretes decadent honey-colored droplets with a sweet taste.