It Started With A Personal Passion…


Our family moved to a large property in Vista in 1994.  We tried, at the beginning, to source a variety of tropical fruit trees for our own enjoyment, in our own backyard.  Though it was a labor of love and we learned a lot, we were unable to find a reliable source of trees and/or information.  We loved guava fruit, so our first experiments were with several varieties of guava.  Bananas were next, and over time we slowly tested, re-tested, and added hundreds of varieties of trees, including exotics, tropical fruit and unique fruit, nut and spice trees, keeping those that grew particularly well in southern California’s climate.  We discontinued many other varieties along the way when they didn’t grow as reliably as planned.  Our little experiment has turned into a family-owned and operated business, with long-term employees who have been with us nearly two decades.  We operate a nursery and twenty acres of growing grounds in Vista.

As our business has grown, we have learned quite a bit about tree maturity, including which trees will develop properly in what amount of time, and which will yield the best quality and quantity of fruit, nuts and flowers.  While we sell trees in sizes from one to 65 gallons and beyond, we have become specialists in large, specimen-size tropical and exotic fruit trees.  Our customers include landscape contractors and developers both locally and from hundreds of miles away, property owners wanting to plant entire orchards, and homeowners, working closely with their contractors, to choose the right trees for their home.